Core Elements

Nanoteq understands that offering high-grade cryptographic products is only a small part of a total solution. The landscape of systems demanding ICT security solutions is constantly changing due to market conditions, maturity of technologies and new client requirements. Due to the increased complexity levels of systems, more pressure is imposed to deliver compatible security solutions and this trend will continue as the drive towards system consolidation and sharing of infrastructure continues.
Delivering complex ICT security solutions is only possible if a holistic approach to the requirements is adopted. A holistic approach implies that the human factor, procedures, policies, technologies and management thereof are to be taken into account when an end-to-end security solution is designed and implemented. 

Successful ICT security solution implementation should address at least the following core elements:

  • Thorough understanding of the client system and operational environment
  • Accurate matching of cryptographic mechanisms and products to address the security risks associated with the client’s system and operational environment
  • Careful integration of the management and daily operation of the cryptographic product into the client’s existing operational environment