Network Security Layer 3

Many organisations make use of a virtual network, for example when connecting branch offices to head-quarters using a public network (such as the internet). These combined islands (private networks) are called a Secure Virtual Private Network (S-VPN) when the pillars of security (e.g. authentication, confidentiality and integrity) are met.

On Layer 3 of the OSI model, a S-VPN can be established by means of the IPsec protocol. IP packets are encrypted and then tunnelled in newly created IP packets obscuring not only the original IP payload, but also the original source and destination addresses.

The Nanoteq IP-Granite™ product suite is a S-VPN solution and has been developed to cater for various requirements over different communication carriers including BGAN, Wireless, Ethernet and VSAT to name but a few.

This product is currently used across the globe to secure TCP/IP network based communication.  The software is installed on a Nanoteq proprietary Trusted Computer Platform (TCP) to provide for a secure and maintainable product. The QCM-G is available on various TCP models to enhance the speed and level of cryptographic security.  The IP-Granite™ product suite consists of the following products:
  • IP-Granite Center: Provide the central, online management function
  • IP-Granite Edge: Provide the network gateway (or transparent bridge) function
  • IP-Granite Buddy: Provide road warriors access to the corporate network

This product suite fully supports Nanoteq’s principle “The road to cryptographic autonomy”.