Supportive Offering

Cryptographic component Management System (MS)


The MS is used for the management of the various cryptographic products being offered within the Nanoteq Core offering. The MS consists of a dedicated software application on a Nanoteq proprietary Trusted Computing Platform that utilise the 3-factor access control and authentication principle. A number of the key features of the MS are:

  • Generation of verified and trusted random seeds for key generation
  • Generation of cryptographically correct key pairs and product related network keys
  • Compatibility with standard or custom crypto algorithms used on the equipment
  • Database used for administrative and logistical functions (user and equipment inventory, mustering, blacklisting and distribution thereof)
  • Administrative Tools

Custom development


Nanoteq successfully managed to combine high-level technology development skills and domain knowledge with client centric business development skills and service delivery to provide excellent cryptographic products and solutions to our customers. Through propagation of our cryptographic autonomy principal, we confirm that we are still geared to engage in custom development projects.

Our trusted name in the industry was established through our willingness to be involved in knowledge transfer and joint development projects.




This is the functional process of delivering the technical pre-sales and solution architecture function to our clients. Through consultation we ensure our client’s requirements and expectations are met through seamless integration of technical architecture and solutions with operational requirements and constraints.


Our consultation services include

  • Information Security Infrastructure design
  • Pre-sales on products and solutions
  • Product and solution knowledge transfer via workshops and on-site training
  • Integrated security solution implementation
  • Product and solution delivery via integrated solutions
  • Installation and Configuration
  • Solution fine-tuning for reliability and performance


Compliancy monitoring


Using a standards-based methodology, Nanoteq provides services addressing the complete security management lifecycle, which comprises of the following:

  • Information Assurance Framework Strategy
  • Organisational Information Security Policy development
  • Information Security Governance Guidelines
  • Information Assurance Technical Framework
  • Reviewing of policies, standards and procedures
  • Security Awareness Campaign development





  • The provision of general equipment information and remote configuration support
  • Remote collection of relevant technical problem identification material 
  • Provision of basic support on the standard protocols and features
  • Remote resolution of problems isolated


  • On-site or remote support and problem resolution
  • Support problem isolation and equipment defect determination;
  • The provision of controlled environment simulation and interoperability testing 
  • Definition of appropriate action plans
  • Reproduction of problems in a controlled environment


  • Troubleshooting problems that could not be solved at Second Level Support
  • Fixing or generating workarounds for problems identified related to hardware or software bugs related to Nanoteq products