In today’s world of complex politics and relationships that are constantly reviewed based on economic decisions, no reputable country can solely rely on standard cryptographic products to protect their most sensitive and valuable information.  

Nanoteq recognised this reality from its inception and hence developed a unique cryptographic module architecture that caters for various levels of customisation. The specialist skills and investment required to successfully design new, or change, cryptographic algorithms, protocols, tamper detection mechanisms and the total crypto system, is significant.  Based on vast experience of this topic, Nanoteq can offer “The road to cryptographic autonomy” as a well-defined and achievable offering to our clients. Various levels of autonomy are available and are tailored to a client’s requirements, strategic vision and skills-base.

The Nanoteq QCM™ cryptographic module family and the modular design of our product have been carefully designed to support “The road to cryptographic autonomy” offering.