Over the past few years Nanoteq made some significant adjustments to our original business model of only developing cryptographic products based on client requirements through joint development or technology transfer projects. 

Our vast experience obtained through various challenging projects over more than 20 years was a key enabler to develop generic, but extremely versatile, cryptographic product architectures. The aim of these architectures is to facilitate the re-use of both hardware and software modules to enable the efficient development of products (based on different levels of cryptographic functionality customisation) and related support and management systems. 

These generic architectures allow our clients to achieve cryptographic autonomy with the least effort. Depending on client requirements, variation of this architecture is also possible where some of the non-cryptographic modules can also be customised.

With increased focus and refined business practises, to ensure more effective product development processes, the generic architectures enabled Nanoteq to launch a comprehensive product range. This product range offers all the benefits of a full custom, joint product development project but at a more affordable cost and within a fraction of traditional timescales.

Nanoteq only deals with true high-grade cryptographic products and hence hardware based cryptographic modules are core to all our products. The existing, state of the art QCM™ cryptographic module family has at its core, a generic architecture, which allows the client to achieve cryptographic autonomy with the least effort. 

Again, various levels of cryptographic customisation, including total replacement of the crypto system with client developed cryptographic modules, are on offer.

The QCM™ cryptographic modules are used to provide the cryptographic functionality to the product Support System and the Key Management System via a standard physical and logical interface. This way, the client needs only to implement his cryptographic functionality once. This will enable his product and related systems with full custom cryptographic functionality.

To cater for the requirement of a customised look and feel of the products, the enclosures and the User Interface Software can also be customised per client.